Restaurant Spotlight: Common Market Deli

Common Market - Plaza Midwood

Common Market - Plaza Midwood - ph James Willamor

Common Market Charlotte is a great VEGAN friendly spot with a lunchtime Deli at both the original Plaza Midwood location at 2007 Commonwelth Avenue , and the NEW location in Southend at 1515 South Tryon Street.

The deli has several veggie sandwich options, which can include TofuLin smoked tofu slices, Veganaise, and can be grilled on a panini with no butter at request. Their breads like sourdough, deli rye, white, 9-grain, and wraps are all Vegan. Load the fresh veggies on, as they have a huge selection of fresh options for your creation. Add some spreads like olive tapenade, hummus, & sun dried tomato. The staff is vegan friendly and really helpful.  The deli always has homemade hummus, lots of tofu salads to go, and random awesome goodies like BBQ Tofu and vegan veggie pate, as well as lots of pre-made sandwiches available after hours.

On thursday thru sat nights the deli offers Tofurkey Brats with all the good toppings for your munchie cravings. While you are there, enjoy a cold domestic beer on the patio, check out this site on the free wifi, or enjoy the awesome surroundings outside.

Parking around the Plaza Midwood location can be tricky, but be aware of a parking lot BEHIND the store accessable by the driveway on the right of the building, as well as beside the post office on The Plaza. DON”T PARK AT THE SALON NEXT TO COMMON MARKET as they do tow cars!!! parking on the street is available at the Southend location.

Check out the menu on a PDF – click here

The website has more info :